Long Noncoding RNAs in Cardiovascular Diseases

近年来,increasing evidence suggests that noncoding RNAs play important roles in the regulation of tissue homeostasis and pathophysiological conditions.除了小的非编码RNA(例如,microRNA)>200-nucleotide long transcripts,namely long noncoding RNAs (bepaly买球lncRNAs),能在不同阶段干扰基因表达和信号通路。在心血管系统中,研究已经检测并表征了正常生理条件下和疾病状态下lncrnas的表达。bepaly买球在急性心肌梗死期bepaly买球间,有几种lncRNa被调节(例如,Novlnc6) and heart failure (eg,Mhrt)whereas others control hypertrophy,mitochondrial function and apoptosis of cardiomyocytes.在血管系统中,内皮细胞表达的lncrnas(例如,bepaly买球malat1和tie-1-as)可以调节血管生长和功能,whereas the smooth-muscle-expressed lncRNA smooth muscle and endothelial cell-enriched migration/differentiation-associated long noncoding RNA was recently shown to control the contractile phenotype of smooth muscle cells.

This review article summarizes the data on lncRNA expressions in mouse and human and highlights identified cardiovascular bepaly买球lncRNAs that might play a role in cardiovascular diseases.Although our understanding of bepaly买球lncRNAs is still in its infancy,these examples may provide helpful insights how bepaly买球lncRNAs interfere with cardiovascular diseases.

  • Uchida S,迪梅勒S(2015)Long Noncoding RNAs in Cardiovascular Diseases. Circ Res116(4):733-750。[article]


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